Tina Freeman

Tina Freeman

Tina is the sixties illustrator inspired by her passion for the Mod culture, music and Scooters.

Tina is very proud to have been born just at the tail end of the Swinging Sixties, and therefore can claim to be an original 60`s chick. Intrigued by the 79 Mod Revival, and loving such bands as The Jam, and Secret Affair, Tina became a Mod Girl at the tender age of 13, when she acquired her first parka, and began her vinyl music collection to play on her Dansette record player. Her music tastes quickly traced back to the original Mod bands of the Sixties, such as the Who, and the Small Faces, Motown and of course Northern Soul.

The local garage video store in Birmingham became exasperated with Tina, and her best friend Yvonne hiring out Quadrophenia and McVicar almost every Friday evening. The double Album Quadrophenia became the accompanying soundtrack to Tinas life, through the teenage angst, the joy of College, moving to first Wrexham in Wales, then up to Manchester to begin a successful career as a freelance illustrator.

Tina worked for such prestigious clients as Manchester United, Manchester Airport, The Royal Mail, and some of best Advertising Agencies in the North of England.

Tina married her Scootering Husband, X Mod, of course, and they have enjoyed owning some fabulous Scooters, both Lambretta and Vespa, with a few weird and wonderful machines to make life more exciting. They have also been incredibly lucky to have had a collection of classic 60`s cars, including a Hilman Minx, a cool VW Campervan, and Tinas beloved Mini, with  Mod Target adorning the roof!