Vic Gartside

Vic Gartside

A passion for sketching at an early age stood Vic in good stead when entering Art College and a keen interest in painting, racing cars, motor cycles, aeroplanes and boats was developed.

After joining and working for an advertising agency Vic became a freelance illustrator which allowed him the time to indulge his passion of motor sport.

In the late 60’s he formed a Graphic Art studio which by the late 80’s had become very successful and employed many artists, designers, draughtsmen and technicians giving him the opportunity to further pursue his love of art.

For the past 10 years Vic has enjoyed painting along with the occasional game of golf. His recent paintings emulate the style of L.S. Lowry and are in much celebrity demand.

His detailed interpretation of industrial landscapes and the nostalgia of everyday scenes and sporting events are highly acclaimed. Vic has commission painted several works for the opening of this gallery including football and cricket scenes in gouache on board, a technique which he has perfected that is emulated by only one other European artist.