Govinder Nazran

  • Everard Everard
    Govinder Nazran
    Limited edition print
    58cm x 100cm (framed)
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Govinder Nazran

Although he has many styles, Govinder is most well known for his contemporary animals.

Govinder Nazran was born in Birmingham in 1964, moving with his family to Bradford in 1966. After finishing school, he studied graphic design at Bradford University, then completing a Higher diploma at Lincoln Art College.

After completing the course, Govinder moved to London, working as a children’s book illustrator, staying there for six months before moving to Cambridge.

Upon returning to Bradford, Govinder then met his wife, and married her in 1992. Settling in Saltaire, Govinder then starting working as a greetings card designer, then after a photographic art director, working all over the world on fashion shoots. Deciding, in 1993 that he preferred a quieter life; he spent the next five years as a freelance card designer working with lots of major card publisher’s. 

In 1999 Govinder decided to try his hand in the fine art market, and approached Washington Green, portfolio in hand, his first painting sold out upon release. His paintings are painted in oils, with Govinder applying them with his fingers, which see considered as the best way to apply. 

Sadly Govinder Nazran passed away on 30th December 2008 after having a seizure on Christmas day.