Rob Miller

Rob Miller

Rob Miller presents a version of the landscape stripped down to its essential parts of light and form. He uses a range of focal qualities handed down from master artists such as Paul Cezanne, studied and reassembled with a new vibrancy caused by Robs unique brushwork to make vibrant paintings which are of high quality.

His paintings display as do his drawings a continuous elemental, sense of movement and natural energy that places the viewer into the process of both abstracting the painting and knowing the place. Rob has had a passion and flair for drawing and painting since his first oil painting at the age of seven.

He is now a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, It is this character and integrity that gives his works such understanding and efficacy, which has earned respect with his peers, art buyers and contemporaries.

There is a great depth of understanding of our world in his work which at the same time are extremely beautiful and enjoyable.

Robs original paintings and drawings are now being sought after by collectors from throughout the UK, Europe and USA.