Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan

Born in 1952, Allan is a full-time artist living in Swansea on the edge of the Gower Peninsula, from which he drew much of his early inspiration.

He first sold his work through a local gallery whilst only 15 years old. Later, after five years of study at Swansea & Coventry(Lancaster) Art Colleges, graduating from the latter with B.A. degree in Fine Art (Painting) he embarked upon a career as an illustrator in the field of publishing, subsequently working for many of the leading British concerns in this area.

However, he gradually moved back to his first love of landscape painting, again intially specialising in studies of the local bays and later extending his interest to the scenic pastures of the Tywi Valley.

Allan has had numerous one man exhibitions in recent years and although still based in Swansea, he travels extensively and enjoys working from a variety of landscapes, having made many friends through his work in different parts of the country.

His most recent impressionist work is much sought after by book publishers and he is now enjoying success as both a traditional painter and as a leading illustrator.

Apart from his Gower scenes, which are much in demand, he also specialises in painting the Cardigan Coastline and most recently has begun a series of studies of the beautiful Wye Valley.