Dermod Ruddock

Dermod Ruddock

Colour and land and townscapes - that''s what inspires much of my painting

My work has eveolved over many years, and is influenced by all kinds of things, not least Cezanne and the Scottish colourists and my experience as a designer

Lighting is a vital ingredient could be the drama of a Scottish storm or the vibrancy of siesta time in Mallorca or Corfu or deep shadows cast as evening falls over the Lancashire fells

And of course, there''s colour. I learned the value of colour theory at school and now, every picture is a chance to experiment and evolve ideas. I mainly use oils & oil pastels, adopting a bold, figurative style and reveling in the opportunities to use strong, effective colours

To sum up, during the day I enjoy teaching; but creating pictures is what I really love doing