Lawrie Williamson

  • Clock WatchClock Watch
    Lawrie Williamson
    Clock Watch
    Limited edition remarqued
    73cm x 74cm (mounted)
    CODE 00010LAWI
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  • Early MoonEarly Moon
    Lawrie Williamson
    Early Moon
    Limited edition remarqued
    84cm x 81cm (mounted)
    CODE 00012LAWI
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  • HiatusHiatus
    Lawrie Williamson
    Limited edition print
    51cm x 42cm (unframed)
    CODE 00013LAWI
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  • The Chattering ClassesThe Chattering Classes
    Lawrie Williamson
    The Chattering Classes
    44cm x 46cm (framed)
    CODE 00020LAWI
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Lawrie Williamson

Lawrie Williamson  1932 - 2017

"Looking through the bottom of a pint pot, or over the rim of a wine glass, life is casually seen. People amuse, dogs delight, inanimate objects become alive and suddenly the world is on your doorstep. It leads one to love all animals and some people. The world is a miraculous accident. I intend to stick with it for some years. The Greek philosophers took the same path."

Lawrie Williamson was born in 1932 and educated in Derbyshire. At the age of 16 he won a major exhibition prize to study at Notingham College of Art. This led Lawrie to further his studies at Nottingham University and ultimately at L’Ecole des Beauz Arts, in Paris.

Lawrie’s subjects varied widely from canvas to canvas, and were drawn from a lifetime of experience and observation. However a single factor was common to all his paintings, the use of light. Whether it be a smokey pub interior, bonfire night, flying kites on the beach or stunning views of Venice, each painting was underpinned with light that comes alive off the canvas.

Throughout his career, Lawrie’s talents had been widely recognised. He was a winner of the Stanley Grimm Prize at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He also listed the Canson Prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists to his many achievments.

The art world will miss him enormously