Anna Wright

  • Huddle Huddle
    Anna Wright
    Limited edition print
    32.5cm x 27.5cm (FRAMED)
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  • Little blue dancing penguin Little blue dancing penguin
    Anna Wright
    Little blue dancing penguin
    Limited edition print
    23cm x 26cm (framed)
    CODE 00019ANWR More Info
  • Unity Unity
    Anna Wright
    Limited edition print
    31cm x 26cm (framed)
    CODE 00018ANWR More Info

Anna Wright

Anna is an artist and illustrator. Her rural upbringing, in Dumfriesshire, southwest Scotland, introduced her to flora and fauna, which alongside her love of interiors, fabrics and wallpaper have shaped her work.

Since exploring these influences at Edinburgh College of Art, Anna has grown her trademark style of colour and humour, from her studios in London and Edinburgh.

She is building her range of collectible prints, cards, mugs, tablemats and bags with much more to come.

Her work has been featured in House and Garden, Country Life and Artists & IIlustrators.