{NEW WORK} Nikki Douthwaite

We are delighted to have had some new work delivered by the super talented Nikki Douthwaite.

Pieces include The Beatles and a individual portrait of John Lennon.

Nikki's work is mainly based around two mediums; dot art (also known as confetti art) and collage. Both of these mediums have similarities in progress. Whatever the medium, her goal is to create two experiences for the viewer. Close up the detail of either hundreds of thousands of tiny mixed up coloured dots, or readable magazine articles; which in detail intrigue in themselves. They may seem chaotic and to have no order to the viewer at this distance, but when viewed from far away, the viewers' eyes and brain mix the dots/articles/colours together, revealing the relationships of the details and creating the image as a whole.

Nikki's work can be viewed at our large gallery on Stanley Road Industrial Estate in Knutsford or online at http://vermiliongallery.co.uk/artist/187/nikki-douthwaite.aspx