{NEW COLLECTION} Gareth Evans - "My Father's Books"

"My Father’s Books" by Gareth Evans

In Gareth's own words...

"‘My Father’s Books’ is my attempt to capture in manageable and ‘magical’ form the childhood memories I have of my father’s extensive collection of classic literature.

My father was an English teacher, an avid reader and book collector.  Growing up in a Welsh valley, 2 miles from the nearest neighbour I had plenty of time on my hands to explore his collection.  

As a boy the books were mysterious with only the colours and titles offering a clue to the exciting secret worlds that lay within their covers.  By creating the books in butterfly form I hope to capture a fleeting glimpse of that excitement and mystery through snippets of the title, the worn pastels and textures of the covers and even the odd guilty coffee stain.  

The images are -in the main – from the actual books of my father as each is photographed and Giclee printed onto 310-gram archival fine art paper.  Each is then individually cut, and hand finished. What may seem a tiresome chore at the start of the process soon becomes another chance to switch off and let my mind drift to relive those precious childhood memories."