We have just had a delivery of more artwork by the talented Sam Toft!

Sam Tofts narrative paintings are quirky, fun and beautifully composed. Born in June 1964 Sams earliest ambition amongst others was to work in a post office; luckily for art lovers, after inspired tutelage at Liverpool Community College, Sam decided to "give it a go" with her pictures.

Sam has created an exclusive collection featuring her now infamous characters, "The Mustards", Ernest Hemingway Mustard and his dear lady wife Violet along with their much loved eccentric friends and pets. Using mixed media, pencil, oil pastels, coloured inks and her own idiomatic techniques, Sam depicts a seaside world of faded ice-cream colours where the breeze is always blowing and life is utterly delicious.

View Sams work at our boutique gallery on Princess Street, Knutsford.