{NEW ARTIST} Emma Grzonkowski

We are delighted to introduce you to a new artist to Vermilion, Emma Grzonkowski. 

"It has always been my dream to become an artist, drawing has always fascinated me and as a child I loved nothing more than to be in my own idealistic world, sitting for hours on end, trying to encapsulate my playful imagination and put all my sketches down on paper." 

Emma studied fine art and graphic design, at Chester University. It was here that she was given free reign to truly experiment and find her own style. It was during the second year of her degree that disaster struck; a special person was taken away from her in a sudden and fatal car accident. Her whole world was torn apart and she was completely lost and in searching for reasons answers and solace, she turned to the only thing which she felt could not be taken way from her, her painting.

The inspiration and desire to paint from the soul evolved. She found herself painting endlessly, as a release in an ever expressive and often frantic manner, every painting reflecting her quest to find inner peace. Her inspirations are drawn from the reflection of self experience and emotive senses. Emmas work is an evolving journey with each painting representing feelings and states of being.

"I use myself as the physical subject, which feels natural to me due to the introspective nature, emphasising the emotion with the surrounding background. I am interested by the juxtaposition of the literal figurative content against abstract expressive forms, which provoke two different states of mind.The physicality of painting interests me, and I love to paint energetically, painting most of the background with my hand. In terms of artists I am influenced by Bacon, Freud, and John Piper, and recently comic artist David Mack who creates beautiful characters through the bleeding of water saturated colours and which inspired the fluidity of my work."

All of her paintings are usually sourced from digital photographs, taken by Emma. The shots are either taken spontaneously, exposing raw emotion or are either thought out compositions taken on a time setting. She usually enhances the images digitally on the computer and experiments with contrast and colour, to give her an idea of light and composition. She prefers to work on a slightly textural surface, to give the painting more interest, which she creates simply by making expressive markings with acrylic paint with her hands. 
"It is important that the paint is not too thick as I like to allow the paint to bleed. I tend to work with water based acrylic, in thin layers of colour which I gradually build up, light to dark. I allow the paint to dry naturally and use a lot of water, which I direct the flow of. When the image has built up definition, I often introduce an element of chance to my work by physically throwing paint over the top of the image to break up the linear qualities. This process consists of defining and then distorting continuously. I then seal the canvas lightly with varnish for a finishing touch."
Emma's originals and limited edition prints are available to view in our galleries in Knutsford and online at