{MORE STOCK} Penny Lindop

Pleased to let you know we have more of the delightful Penny Lindop designs available to view at our boutique gallery on Princess Street, Knutsford.

Plenty of designs to choose from including dogs, cats, alpacas, penguins and many more. 

Every picture tells a story…

One peek at Penny’s designs, you’ll be mesmerised by their simple appeal and gentle English humour. And if fluffy, tactile gifts make you go as soppy as us, you’ll adore them even more. Handcrafted with textured eco paper from sustainable sources, every print is unusual. That’s not all… Penny’s signature style, hand-finishing with rare sheep fleece, gives a unique twist to the collection.

These woolly wonders, sketched in ink and watercolours before printing, feature oodles of images inspired by dog walks, local places and everyday folk. Whether country pursuits or magical fairies, the seaside or afternoon treats, Penny weaves a piece of her soul into every picture.