Born in Manchester in 1966 the second son to working class parents,

James had a humble start in life. A happy child who loved school

and had a rare artistic talent which was recognized from an early

age. He painted his first commission whilst still at school and grew

up knowing that a career in art was to be his path in life. He painted

under the guidance of RA lecturer William Clark before starting an

Illustration Agency with two artist friends. They soon became

leaders in their field with leading brands such as Coca Cola, Disney

and Siemens being part of their client base.

James quickly established a formidable reputation in the artistic

community as a creative and versatile young talent. It was no

surprise that he was spotted by one of the worlds leading publishing

companies who signed him up and although a fabulous opportunity

to build the ‘Blinkhorn’ Brand, he was never completely happy being

pigeon-holed as the ‘New York Artist.’

James’ diverse abilities enable him to use any medium and paint

any genre. He loves the freedom this allows and has enjoyed

creating fabulous private commissions, designing furniture, fabrics

and design led floorings for award winning restaurants, sculpting,

and when time allows, designing and building his own racing car.

Artist, designer, and owner of one of Britain’s largest art galleries

and artists studios. It is rare to meet a more diversely creative individual.